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Codica is a Psychologist-developed therapy that enables emotional management to facilitate change of habits and self-perception problems. It is ideal for stress management, depression and anxiety. The therapy aims to promote an ideal mental state to deal efficiently with all kinds of circumstances that arise in life. 

By bringing consciousness or awareness to our habits and behavior, we understand how we acquire habits which form our behavior; we learn why nature has given us different emotions and how to apply them in real life; we learn how to use our logic not automation in handling stress and emotions, and we learn maintenace phrases that help us reinfnorce our awareness.

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When we are unable to manage our stress and emotions, it is because we have an inefficiency either due to inefficient neuronal circuits or the inefficient conditioning through our environmental influences. Our brain operates on prioritizing survival, not logic. If we always use repetitive patterns of feelings as a means of survival, our brain will always default to the feelings as a means of survival, even though it may cause us bad health. Example: a person in an abusive relationship may use fear as a way to survive even though it may be causing bad health. We call this an inefficient pattern.


21 different skills

Codica covers 21 different modules which include emotional skills such as trust, fear, surprise, sadness, rejection, anger and anxiety; behavior skills such as love, will, value, kindness, empathy, congruence and integrity; intrapersonal skills such as responsibility, maturity, uncertainty, suffering, loneliness, self-esteem and past.

Responding to a circumstance in an inefficient manner shows that we have a poor logic of handling that matter. The problem is that we may not be aware that decisions we make are actually reactions as a result of the inefficiencies acquired over time in responding to circumstances. We erroneously believe that we decide consciously, but our actions show that there is conditioning behind each action, feeling or emotion. Hence the predictability of behavioral patterns of how someone behaves when they are triggered to anger, fear, surprise, etc. 

Codica uses different stimuli to help redesign our inefficiencies. It introduces an alternative by redesigning the inefficient neuronal circuits which cause inefficient response to circumstances. Using repetitive stimulative mechanisms such as binaural stimuli or soundwaves and eye movement reprocessing. This creates new efficient neuronal circuits that bridge the gaps that hinder proper termination of thoughts.

Eye movement reprocessing  exercises help to reinforce the new, efficient neuronal circuits. Our brain incorporates patterns through repetition until it becomes an automatic mechanism. That is how we develop skills. This enables creation of new patterns of behavior. Over time the inefficient patterns get overriden by the new efficient patterns and there emerges a new, better way of handling stress and emotions.

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