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"I struggled for long with Thyroid problems before meeting Susan. She patiently listened to me and after implementing her recommendations, my doctor was amazed at my recovery. After doing the simple changes that she suggested, my health improved, I started to lose the resistant weight, and my doctor said that I did not need to continue with my medications if I continued what I was doing. Thanks to God (and to Susan)! " -

Anna Wiseman - AZ​

​"I have no proper words to express how much my life has changed since I met Susan. The numerous pus pockets in my mouth disappeared after I made the changes she suggested. My hand and finger joints stopped swelling and the pain is gone. Just her happy disposition and positive energy towards people makes it so easy when dealing with her. She is an encourager who makes you feel loved and valued. I know God led me to her."

 Susan White - Gwinnet, GA

"My husband had struggled for long with cervical pain due to arthritis of the neck. I have to say that he struggled alot with the pain and disturbed sleep at night. After the Biomagnetic therapy, his pain went down considerably and he told me that he has been having the best sleep after a long time. Now we can take our time to see if he can postpone the surgery the doctor wanted to perform. Thank you so much for what you are doing to help others"


-  This was my first Biomagnetic Pairs client that I also helped with acute toothache that disappeared immediately upon using the Biomagnetic Pairs therapy. 

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"Since I talked to you about 3 weeks ago, I stopped taking sugar, enriched tea, milk, bread, honey, bananas, etc and I can report to you it has been very refreshing to me. It wasnt easy at first but I was determined. My blood pressure has kept on going down. Honestly I can tell you I have noticed a lot of difference within me. I feel I would rather live that life because am even enjoying what am feeling in my body now. Really appreciated my sister. Thank you so much for your advice. Blessed to be a blessing you are." ​

Stephen Godfrey - Marietta, GA


-  (Stephen had just started our first phase, the elimination diet).

This one is my own testimony of how I have regained peaceful, restful nights of sleep after struggling with insomnia for the longest. After the Biomagnetic Pairs therapy, I feel more relaxed, and I can feel healing taking place as my body is more at peace.

Some things you need to experience to know the difference. 

(Susan Walker)

Let us help you become the next success testimony.

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