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My story





My name is Susan Walker, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor as well as a Stress and Emotional Management Consultant.


I help people with chronic illnesses to understand the root causes of diseases, how to remove deficiencies and dismantle dysfunction to achieve better health. Some conditions that are addressed include allergies, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, stress and emotional management (and many other conditions).  I also educate people on how to live healthier happier lives, by making simple dietary and lifestyle adjustments. One of the tools I use is a stress and emotional management therapy, known as Codica.


I began my health journey after suffering tremendous anxiety and later depression after being in an abusive relationship for over 17 years. My immunity was totally compromised and I developed ulcerative colitis. Although I ate well, my health never improved. I had seen my regular doctor for all these years but I kept on getting sick. Each time I saw him, he only gave me more medications. Finally, he advised me to consider leaving the relationship to see if my health would improve, but by then the damage had already been done. On looking back, I realize that the stress and emotional management problem runs in my family:

  • My mom having suffered a bad relationship died of leukemia.

  • My grandmother died of throat cancer, after having endured a lot of mistreatment from her children.

Over the years I have lost dear and close friends to cancer. The helplessness and pain of losing loved ones led me to seek for a solution. I knew if I did nothing to change my situation I was headed the way of my mom and grand mom, and I wanted to break this cycle not to get to my children. I knew there was a solution out there somewhere.


After getting certified as a Functional Nutrition Counselor, I came across the Stress and Emotional management therapy, known as Codica. This was a big moment for me because I already understood that stress and emotions are among the root causes of chronic illnesses. I did not have the capability to manage my stress and emotions, and I knew a lot of people who did not either. So, I became a consultant for Codica. The experience and the results have been phenomenon.


Now, as well as helping people change their diet and lifestyle habits, I also help them manage their stress and emotions. Solving this part of the puzzle enabled me to heal my emotions, and I do help my clients get to one of the deepest roots of disease causation, and by doing that, they have lasting solutions to their health problems, just like I did.


Your health is in your hands: Let me guide you as you walk towards better health and lasting wellness.

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