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Toxicity and Disease

Toxins are the number one cause of disease in the body. Your body, is a system of well interconnected systems that requires regular detoxification. Toxicity in the body is much like having a car that is never serviced. The parts are given to cause trouble and run the engine down. Eating nutritive food is good but if the body is clogged up, it will not be able to absorb the expensive nutrients. As a first step we need to clear the pathways to drain the body of toxins. Trying to detox without clearing the drainage pathways will recirculate the toxins in the body which might have worse consequences.

Take care of your body as you would a beautiful flower.

The seven toxicities according to Dr. Rashid Buttar are listed below:
  1. Heavy metals including mercury, arsenic, lead, aluminum.

  2. Persistent Organic Pollutants: Pesticides, fungicides, glyphosate

  3. Opportunistics such as viruses, bacterial yeast, fungi

  4. Energetics such as EMFs from microwaves and cellphones.

  5. Emotional/psychological toxicities including negative emotions and deep seated emotions.

  6. Food - what is done to food like pasteurization, hydrolization, homogenization, GMOs, irradiation.

  7. Spiritual toxicities. When we think that other people should believe as we do and we judge them when they don't. Or thinking that our way is the only way to God.

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