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Our Services

Functional Nutrition Counseling


What does a Functional Nutrition Counselor (FNC) do?


These are professionals who take the time to listen to clients, to understand what in their lifestyle could be causing them disease, since doctors do not have the time to do that. 

FNCs help to uncover symptoms and target root causes of diseases. Sounds too simple, Right? Exactly! Good health is simple to achieve. You just need a guide who can be a Health Coach or a FNC.

FNC’s do not diagnose diseases; but they work with doctors and other professionals as they recommend adjustments to lifestyle & diet as well as other therapies.


A FNC is knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology, and can among other things, read and recommend for certain lab tests, to check for e.g, blood sugar levels, hormone levels, inflammation levels, blood sugar, insulin levels, etc.

​Certain FNCs who have further certifications may consult in their respective areas of certification.

FNCs and Health Coaches are recognized by the government and the medical fraternity and they do get certified by several recognized  bodies.

Most FNC’s embrace all arms of healing  (holistic) and may recommend Orthomolecular Medicine or look beyond biological medicine by integrating other healing modalities such as Bioenergetics, Biomagnetism, Bioelectricals or Energetic medicine, Light therapies, Herbal medicine, Essential Oils, etc.



Stress and Emotional Management Therapy

What is Codica ?

Codica is a non-invasive Psychologist-developed therapy that uses different neural stimulation techniques such as auditory stimulation by binaural pulses for the accelerated change of behavioral patterns.


This helps us to incorporate strategies to efficiently manage our emotions and behavior.


Repetitive stimuli is directed to specific areas of our cerebral cortex and these harmonic frequencies converge with each other.


This considerably reduces the learning curve, thus assisting in better emotional and stress management.

Codica covers 21 different skills which include: emotional skills such as trust, far, sadness, anger, behavioral skills such as love, value, kindness, integrity and more.  Intrapersonal skills include maturity, responsibility, suffering, self-esteem, loneliness and past.

A minimum of 3 sessions will see you on your way to a whole new way of managing stress. I am a living witness. Try it to believe it.

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